Gimkit Creative Helpful Features

This Is A Place Where All Gimkit Creative Unknown Features Are Put. If You Have Any, Put Them In The Comments So I Can Add Them.


You Can Change The Name Of The Devices By Going Into Them And Clicking Their Name In The Top Left.


You can change the eraser to only erase a certain type of thing like terrain or props. If You Go To The Eraser And Select Terrain, You Can Change The Size Of The Eraser 1-3. I don’t know why there isn’t 4 when the placing terrain brush can go to 4, but anyways. You can also change what layer you erase on.


If You Go To Edit Options In Options, You Can Change Your Speed. You can also zoom out, and show your memory bar, and you can use grid snap to line things up better, or if you want to do it yourself, you can show grid.

Credit to Bobthebuilder123


Instead of going into build menu to place down a wire, press Z.

Comment Any More Secrets Down Below So I Can Add Them. And Don’t Edit This Yourselves. I will know if anyone does, and I will know who.


This isn’t really necessary as there are already guides on this. Also no one can edit it as you are not tl3 and therefore cannot make it a wiki. You also only have 3? Days to edit this, as you are only a basic role.


Well then you might want to post some secrets now


i agree with @The_7th_Dragon.
also, you should clarify that in this case, a “secret” is just a feature that you think not many people know about.

(tbh tho, like everyone i know knows about these)


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Basic users only have one day to edit.


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if you go to edit options you can run through blocks go faster and see more things overall

@ModerateCape86 Sorry, but most people know this and it is in one of the other guides…

note that you can change the eraser settings to change what kind of thing you want to erase (ex: terrain, prop, devices, wires)

I know, but I am trying to put it all in 1 guide

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