Gimkit Colors - Hex Codes

Hi guys, here’s some colors you might like for your game.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 8.49.29 AM
This is the color of the GK creative buttons.
It’s hex code is #502c84
Screenshot 2023-10-10 10.31.08 AM
This is the color of GK buttons.
It’s hex code is #186cdc
Here are the colors of the green sentry plant:
Light Green: #59b239
Dark Green: #3f6129
Bulb/Pink: #e944cb
Screenshot 2023-10-17 8.56.56 AM
Here are the colors of the pink sentry plant:
Green: #4c743c
Light Pink: #e944cb
Dark Pink: #a7168d
Screenshot 2023-10-17 7.35.00 PM
Here are the colors of the sentry robot:
Body: #ffffff
Visor: #192955
Visor Eyes: #02eee3
Detail Lines: #8ba9d2

Screenshot 2023-10-17 6.55.56 PM
Grass color: #8cbf56
Screenshot 2023-10-17 6.55.23 PM
Dirt color: #7d5c3e
Screenshot 2023-10-17 6.55.18 PM
Sand color: #f4dcac
Screenshot 2023-10-17 6.55.09 PM
Water color: #28afe3
Space rock color: #a7b3b8

Let me know if you want more colors and I will find them for you guys!

Also, here’s a quick guide on how to put in hex codes.
When you’re looking at colors, go down to the bottom where it says “RGB”, click it a few times and it should say HEX. Here you can put in the hex codes above.


Oooh wow! I never would have thought of this guide. Maybe you can find the color of the pink plant sentries (the darker pink)? I can only think of one way to use this, Gimkit art!

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On it! <20 Characters rahhhh>

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Great guide, but I would make the colors; gold, red, dark green, lime green, light grey, grey, dark grey. Those are the colors i use all the time.

You can’t put numbers in <> if you want it to work

To evade the 20 character limit, put only letters in the <>
Edit: sorry @I-am-helpful , I didn’t see your post :sweat_smile:

Oh I don’t even know what that does I just saw someone else do it lol

Oh this is a guide from colors from the game! Sorry

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You can, you can’t put spaces in it.

no you can put spaces in it, just not on the edges

Can we please stay on topic…

Let’s get back on topic.

Also, yeah I see now, the problem was that they started the html tag with a number.

nice guide ( even tho i just searched up different color hex codes)

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Nice guide! It’s a bit short though. Could you add the hexcodes for some widely used terrain (grass, water, space rock)?

Of course! I will once I get the chance!! :slight_smile:

Ok I added grass, space rock, dirt, sand and water!

it would also be helpful if you put in the rgb values of the colors as well, so they can be used in the GKC tints.

Hmm - as an artist I work with hex, but I could try and get the RGB values. Give me some time and I will figure this out :slight_smile:

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If you can, could you do the green plant sentry, and the sentry robot

Will do! Thanks for the suggestion