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My kart idea: Flare
Description: A weaponless kart that is able to easily dodge enemies, and has a big engine.
Speed: 1.7X, 0.6X on off-road


Ability 1: Boost increases speed to 3.6X for 3 seconds. 1.8X on off-road.
Ability 2: Boost increases speed to 2.5X for 10 seconds. 1.0X on off-road.
Ability 3: Become immune to all projectiles for 14 seconds. 1.3X on off-road.

Choose only one ability at a time, 50 second cooldown.

Adding off-road stat rn
Buffing slightly since it is weaponless.

Everyone has weapons so this has to be better.


A red c(k)ar/t and 4x speed, legendary blaster and Legendary!
Name: Furry’s Cart
Part of the “Make You a Furry” Collection

Runs out of energy fast :wink:

If it’s taken, then i don’t know what else.

Fersion’s Fusion Kart.

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Kart Name: Cheese’s Box

Speed - 0.85 , to Balance the ability.

Weapon - Slingshot (Common)

Ability - Maybe a sort of ‘near-finish’ ability? Maybe have a boost powerup you get when you’re close to the finish line to come in clutch?

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Name: Fersion’s Fusion Kart (credit to unavailible)

“Can’t catch me! I’m too fast!” -Sonic, when he was a kid.
Part of the “Get Speedy” (i know, kinda sucks) Collection.

Rarity: Legendary or Epic

Costs around $150 or $500 (in game currency)

MAKE THIS HIDDEN IN YOUR MAP!!! | ADMIN KART | rip_Breafast2Eat’s Kart
4x spd
legendary snowball launcher | 10x dmg boost

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you called?

What do you need.

the argument ended but it was that ai thing again

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oh ok

Ooh, another GimKart?

gimsolver’s not even online tho.

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Bonus idea: OVERTIME

A way to combat cockiness with chance, I guess.

  • Randomized event where there’s an extra lap.

  • All karts are now the same speed, 2x Speed.

  • Could add more chaos and overall fun

Example: Someone who was winning in the final lap turns out to be last place because of the extra lap

P.S. Make sure the chance is removed after the extra lap so that there isn’t a chance to have infinite extra laps!!


There we go I added a description :slight_smile:

There are a few karts that get absolutely hard-countered, like my kart after Grogu’s cradle went on scene. My cart’s gimmick is that it sacrifices speed reliability for 2000 damage, and Grogu’s Cradle, StarWarsNerd’s kart, does not take damage. How could that be fixed? Another example is harharharhar83’s kart and Morepeko8’s kart, where Nitro boost’s gimmick is that it has a speed boost ability, but as soon as somebody with The Morpeko Cart’s ability sees them, they can just ability 1 them and nullify their ability.

Wait so the Cradle doesn’t have any Debuffs/Decreased stats ??

No, not really.
Screenshot 2024-04-07 7.40.52 PM
Slightly low speed is basically my kart, minus cycling. But Grogu’s Cradle is still OP against my kart.
edit: I’m about to get schooled aren’t I

Having such an OP ability should probably be combated with something like having to use the P.M.L., I’d say. If you’re going to add a counter to something so important, you should probably also make it harder for the player to do something equally important.

Proposed Solution:

Make it so Cradle users do less damage, or have a weaker weapon than most karts.


Have it so the ‘no-damage’ ability is short-lasting, like in 5 second periods with a cool-down. This idea was inspired by how an uber-charge works in TF2.


What is with all these GK8 copies racing games asking me for help? It can’t be because I made a wildly successful racing game of my own!

Well, I made it so that when someone buys a kart, it increments a counter (linked to a property, obviously), and the game checks if the value of that property is equal to the number of people in-game (use a live player counter). If true, it TPs everyone to where the map selection is.

Also, can I have a kart? Could you call it the ClicKart (as a GK8 reference), and give it an onroad speed of 2.4? Thanks! Wait, karts have gimmicks? That’s interesting! What about the shock from GK8?


Wait, literally just 2.4 on road speed? No weapons?

GK8 doesn’t have a designated weapon for each kart. If I had to give it one, I would give it either the red shell (a monster to code) or the shock (not a monster to code).