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I have a game that I just started, so I’ll post questions on mechanics, kart ideas and other ideas in this topic!
And no, I don’t need a thumbnail, I already have one.
First order of business, I need people for my karts, if you want one, make one post and one post only of your kart name and what speed you’d have and what weapon and rarity.
Just vote here if you want a kart.

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SpeedyKart (i know, bad name)

More speed and (if there is damaging, defense is added by 2)

Costs around $150 (or coins or smth)

@GimSolver Description:
Be free and become speedy in your life.
(collection if it exists) Part of the Speedy collection.

Training Wheels
(Starter Kart, Common)
(1x Speed with a Zapper)
Training Wheels is a Kart Given to all new GimKarters, it is a kart usually seen in low ranks of gimkart racing

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[CENSORED] kart [Unavailible’s kart]
(@GimSolver there I fixed it) cycles between 0.75x speed and 1.5x speed, all power ups are legendary quantum portals, with 10x damage boost (so basically instakill)
How it would work is that you spawn with a legendary quantum portal, but you have no ammo. You would get the ammo from the power ups.
Description: To get other karts, we simply imported them overseas. However, this particular kart caused insanity to anybody looking at it. The only solution we could come up with was to cover the entire cart with a red censor bar.

Kart of the Skeleton Pirate (Riptide’s kart)

1x speed
Quantum Portal (Legendary)

Description: Slower than other karts due to the fact that it’s a pirate ship on wheels. Packs a heavy punch with the cannons though.


rare riptide appearance :exploding_head:

Kyromori Cart
most op cart in game
can explode other peoples carts at once
most op weapon in game
can explode other peoples carts at once
inf speed
can explode other peoples carts at once
legendary rarity
can explode other peoples carts at once


Cello kart
Speed: 1.90
Weapon: Snowball launcher; uncommon rarity
Offroad speed: 0.2 >:]

Description: the cello kart is mildly fast; with an uncommon snowball launcher

Other description: feel the power of the notes with the cello kart
@GimSolver I updated it
@GimSolver it doesn’t work?

There are a thousand people with the name Gim somewhere in there, so I guess this represents them as well:

Speed: 1.35
Weapon: Rare Evil Eye

“GimMobile is a moderately paced weapon, slow but steady and sure to win the race!”

okay, so just to make sure, do i only have to submit one kart for only one speed and weapon and rarity?

also, is the $150 (or coins) only for the bonus karts or are u saying that some of the non-bonus karts will also cost money / currency? also also, lmao at the slugs thing XD i feel like i need to include that on a kart description for sure

Just put in a kart. If you don’t know about the money, then you don’t need to add the money part.

The Plat(inum?)/Seawater Platypus Kart
1.75x speed on water
1.5x speed on murky water (if there is an environment for that)
1.25x speed on land
1x speed everywhere else

Weapon of choice (if there is one): Blaster/Melee (Tag Zone or the Pickaxe if it comes out soon)
Special Quantum Portal “toggle” button to open a popup with a list of abilities. The layout should be similar to wingwave’s “R” key keybind theory in Devices and that the no-shoot zone should only activate every 15 seconds (or just use a trigger with a delay of 15 seconds to increment a counter-linked property, when a player chooses an ability from a call-to-action, check if that property is equal to 1. if so, activate the selected ability)

Ability 1: Tsunami/Water Splash
Turn the whole field into water using a tinted (light blue) barrier, all unaquatic characters will have there speed halved for 10 seconds.

Ability 2: Venom Splash
Activate a random purplish area (about as big as the smallest you can shrink a regular zone to) that shrinks the opponent’s speed by 0.25x-0.50x for 5 seconds. (90% chance)
Has a small chance to stop a random opponent’s speed (10% chance)
Fine Print:
*Only one ability can activate at a time from Ability 2 (^).

Description: Represent that goofy platypus that waddles around with it’s extremely venomous and poisonous attack and splashes of water! He’s one speedster on water, average speed on everywhere else.


Nitro Boost

Uncommon Slingshot
1.5x Speed
(Just an idea, if this is possible, make a button overlay called Nitro Boost and gives them 3x speed for 10 seconds?)

Description: A normal kart pumped up with a little nitro juice!

Naw bro, that’s too op O_O


Name: Gimcraftor’s Cart

Speed: 3.0x

Weapon: Super-Rare Shield

Rarity: Epic

Description: “Designed by the one and only Gimcraftor, this kart is a well-known icon on the grid. Its durable shield makes it an excellent competitor, and its unique design is sure to catch the audience’s eye. Get the Gimcraftor’s Cart today for a great price!”

Can speed modifiers even go that high?
Oh wait, theres supposed to be point so 2.5

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LlamaLady’s Kart(for lack of a clever pun)
2 speed (or whatever like the below average speed is)
Blaster (but with more damage than normal)

Ride in LlamaLady’s kart, that represents her personality: seems slow and easygoing, but has fast paced shots that will hit her enemies where it hurts!

yeah i don’t know how to describe myself so i made up something that sounds cool!

@GimSolver is this good?


I think the highest is 4.5

Those don’t exist. Are you an AI???

ig thats how u know how op it is…:confused:

Michael’s Kart
2.00 Speed
Legendary Blaster

Description: Just a normal Kart.:slight_smile: