Gimhook Question

Ello everyone! (im not british just saying)

So I found the Gimhook zip and stuff but how do I import it into gimkit.

Also @hexaheximal if you are still here maybe you could tell me.

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Gimhook doesn’t work anymore. Ask hexahecimal and @Blackhole927 for more info.

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Oh. So I can’t get the mod for zooming out anymore?

Unfortunately, the mods are out of ointment and out of time. (GIMKIT MODS, NOT MODERATORS. PLEASE DON’T MURDER ME).

Dangit. Im just gonna keep this open incase BH and hexaheximal see this.

(Is it ok I call Blackhole BH?)

I don’t think he cares (he’s nice like that).

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What is gimhook @Magenta_Dragon ?

Gimhook is a gimkit mod. Basically it gives you things that make gimkit creative better. Zooming out, and I think some dev devices but Im not sure.

Thats where I found it.

Wait, why? Just Gimhook, or all mods?

You can’t run mods without gimhook. Bh said that the thing that all mods use was taken down, but gimhook (which didn’t use it) still didn’t run.

What does the gimkit mod do?

Stuff you want in gimkit creative but don’t have.

Wait, so did Gimkit specifically disable Gimhook or did Gimhook itself break?

Ask @Blackhole927 and @hexaheximal more more info.

I did. They didn’t respond yet.

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I believe that, as of right now, modding methods such as window.stores and gimhook do not work.
Gimkit changed a few things to stop window.stores from working, as people were writing hacks with it.

Although gimkit does not rely on window.stores, I believe something changed that also stopped gimhook from working, and I don’t know how long it will be, or if there will be a fix for it.

Josh did say that modding is still possible, just a bit more difficult.

To be clear, gimhook was not specifically disabled. Josh doesn’t care about mods, just about hacks.


Are there any mods that actually work and let me zoom out to see my whole map?

No- there is currently no way to mod gimkit, although that is being worked on and hopefully modding can resume soon.


Ok cool. Thanks BH!

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