GimAvengers who are they?


Wait a minute did you say comic?

One last thing for me as well. Just so you know, I am not a bird. I just have a bird, cat, fish, sea snail, and hedgehog. My bird looks like my profile picture, but I am actually something else. But I don’t really know.

Ok thanks. Yes. I am working on a GimAvengers Comic book lol.

Ok then I’ll make you invisible?

The 72 transformations?!

No. I own the pets.

Are you a SECOND PENGUIN?!??

No. I am Imagination. Read description.

Did you get the reference?

Ok so then you can be whatever your enemies view you as?

Read my description of what I am. I rule the Broken System.

@Here_to_help what do you mean?

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hmm im not sure what he means either

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Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks And Hi! I’m @WolfTechnology friend.

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And I’m friends with @ClicClac and his beanie (which I attempted to murder) and his shield (which I also attempted to murder).


Global Warming is worst for @ClicClac.

@VALUEX Please mark the best answer as a solution.


@Anythinger, my man, questions like these are ongoing. And besides, he hasn’t gotten a full list of every Gimvenger. ALSO, @VALUEX, my current location is on my profile, and it is not Antarctica.

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That full list is right here:

The original question was, “What are the GimAvengers?” So now that @VALUEX knows, they can mark one of the answers as a solution as to resolve the topic and prevent off-topic posting.


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