Gim Island help

what should I add in my survival game “Gim Island”?
i have raft
ocean monument
and stone island (with a cave)

A pirate who gives you quests

good, good.

Add a storm event where a rainstorm occurs and you have to hide within the cave otherwise you rapidly take ticks of damage and begin losing your items.

you have to find scraps around the island and build the raft up, also maybe you find people as you go farther into the island (like theres a person you have to save in the cave)

It’s probably a good idea to add an ocean. You could put a washed-up bottle with a quest for the player to gather supplies or whatever you want. For example, the player walks up to a shore or water area, spots a washed-up bottle, and receives a quest or whatever else you would want to add.

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Ooh! Make a little town, and add fishing. Then, you can sell your fish to get coins which you can go to a little market to buy upgrades for your raft, and maybe some other stuff.

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Fishing? Dynamic Blocks?

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Farming system
let the players farm for food.
Hunger System
if you were on an island you would be hungry too. (I am hungry rn to be honest lol)
Day and night system
forces a player to find shelter… adds to the game
Monster mode
every few nights (in-game nights) Sentries are activated and the player must fight them off!

  • People Washing Up On Your Island
  • Other People Originally Live On The Island So You Can Trade And All That
  • Cooking With Ingredients You Find Around The Island
  • Inside The Cave, You Can Mine Gems For Something Idk
  • The Raft Can Take You To Oher Areas
  • Sanity Meter That Always Decreases. So You Need To Restore It Somehow

Inviting NPC’s to your island as villagers

Maybe the player can also explore more islands so their more islands for adventure?

You could collect building resources to build a city?

heat meter/bar! hunger bar! breath meter! thirst!

crafting! building! etc!

fishing (was a starting mechanic)
UPGRADES?! yes, I’ll make it

sanity: keeping it up with toys?
also even with a guide i don’t understand how to make it

there’s like 2 papers that tell a story, and there’s an ocean monument, and a guy in a cave.

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