Gim Gods - Ideas Needed

Hey Guys!

After a very tedious day of making a extensive Padlet, I wanted to reach out to you guys and ask for your ideas and opinions.

If you want to see the padlet personally you can find it in my bio, otherwise lets get to it!

The Premise

After 32 Eons of peace, the Gim Gods have waged all out war against each other. Destroying solar systems to get what they all want; peace.

There’s two factions in this conflict, the Advocates and the Core.

Being made in a platformer map.

The Characters

Abilities have already been decided on and made, refer to padlet for info. This is just a reference if you want to suggest anymore characters!

Sol the Sun God
Tempus the Time God
Stella the Cosmic God
Roca the Earth God


Much like Multiversus and Brawl-stars it’ll have a ringout system with zones to simulate out of bounds.

There’s multiple effects, positive and negative.

Burn - Damage over time
Poison - Damage over time
Freeze - Slowed
Crumble - Deal less Damage
Weakened - Take more Damage
Stun - Stunned
Adrenaline - Gain a speed boost and a health boost.
Queasiness - Increase & decrease speed.

Health will be made through Pseudo Health to make the process easier.

Any Ideas, please suggest!


Aw man! I can’t do this :sob: :sob:. I miss out on the good stuff.


i replied and am ready to help!

but today is sunday???

You’re absolutely right.

I’m gonna go jump in a hole and never come out.

I’m a very experienced gimkit player I’ve played for 2 years and I love building parkour maps and dld maps

but no need to jump in a hole

yea don’t jump into a hole cuz how would that help anything
all that does is get u all messy cuz da dirt lol

how can I help? if you send a code to
then u could sent the code in the live games tab

posie. you don’t do anything when it comes to building maps, last that i checked…

sorry if that sounded rude
@Weirdowoman121 i dont hate you but you don’t do anything. me and top z were doing work for you


It’s a new account so their work could be elsewhere

I don’t think they hate you, experience is a commodity on the forums that is sometimes hard to come by.

sometimes it’s not experience
like you might get on somebody’s map to edit and nobody tells you what to do to help

I’m not releasing the map code until the entirety of the game is layed out, this means we can work on the Map itself, the characters, and all of the QOL.

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can u post the link on
I have the password if u need it

Wait. Pause. We can share codes on the forums now???

no but you can share sites to share codes on
certain padlets need permission to be on it

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Please read the edit

Edit: To avoid being taken down, the code is not posted ANYWHERE. The padlet is only a planning committee until the final project in the padlet is finished, this is purely a help post not a advertising post.

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Sorry. The forums is changing so much that I have to question a lot of things. Back on topic!

Yeah I understand, I wanted to make sure to include that warning so I don’t get hit with the Flag Hammer.

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