Gim Games (squid games)

I need help to see if this would work. so green light would be a small popup and there are different tiny zones at the level and once the delayed trigger sends a signal, red light which activates lasers which teleports you inside your zone to an unlaserfied part and if they move they run into a laser. Green light, deacivate lasers

The only thing I need help with is teleporting people ONLLY TO the middle of the zone their in

You could also make zones just have no lasers and have different flooring or something

it would work and be easier but no

@WolfTechnology would know…

or any TL3

You could have it when enter zone teleport player to a specific teleporter by wires or channels

but I need “In Zone”

You could have a teleporter in the zone

Or you could use a movement meter. Of the person moves when the person looks at you, then you activate the movement meter. This makes it so that the person loses items when walking. Now make an inventory item manager. This should track the item ten the movement meter had. It should update a property. If the property changes it should respawn the player.

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Yeah, just listen to @getrithekd. The lights can be two circular barrier. If you want it to do on it’s own, you can wire them to a repeater.

What is the question?

sorry so i THINK i figured it out

ok, so did you?

i THINK so

This is so genius I’m thinking of making this too

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so i thought like there would be ten zones and upon entering would grant you an item on red lights it will teleport you to you coresponding zone with a checker and when you enter the next zone, it removes that item and grants you a new one

Would that work @WolfTechnology

Or it could be more of a This or That kind of game, where there is no mechanics and the other person just notices of you moved and if they did they get shot at and are out, very simple game.

Yeah I think it will. Also let me know if you need help designing or making custom props.