Ghost Invasion Minigame [Poll/Ideas]

Should I Make A Ghost Invasion Minigame?

(Based Off Of A Halloween Minigame On A Minecraft Bedrock Server Called The Hive)

Ghost Invasion Is A Minigame Where One Player Starts As A Ghost And Uses A Game Overlay That Makes That Ghost Get A Speed Buff And After 3 Seconds Explode! Any Player That Gets Caught In The Explosion Is Transformed Into A Ghost. The Players Can Destroy Ghosts With A Slingshot. The Ghost Have A Limited Amount Of Explosions And Deaths, Relatively High, Before They Start Permanently Dying. The Game Ends When Either The Ghosts All Die, All The Players Are Transformed, Or If The Time Runs Out.
Should I Make It?

  • Yes
  • No
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If So, Any Ideas I Should Add?

I was thinking perhaps if a player eliminated a ghost, they could get a damage buff for 30 seconds or something like that.

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Probably not, as the ghosts are all one shot.

Oh, I didn’t know that. nvm then

The explosion can be made with a tag zone that activates whenever the ghost presses the overlay.


No, Because The Ghosts Respawn When They Explode, Whether They Get Anyone Or Not.

yea, thats a good solution

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Any Other Suggestions/Ideas?

How do you make the ghost explode, you would need a cordanite system and a lot of explostions.

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Or, like I said, it could activate a tag zone with a larger radius. The tag is the “explosion.”

That is a good question, that sounds a little complicated…

Tag zones don’t get a large radius, even at max. (Never tested)

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Never tested??

Okay, I might have not known that before…

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I thought there was a setting to expand it. Guess I was thinking about something else.

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I think there is. its the tiles

You can expand it, but it’s max is small.

ah i see