Get tagged = you get score

Basically, in other people’s game, you have to get the most score to win. My game is the EXACT OPPOSITE.

The leaderboard tracks how many times you got tagged by the person who has the “hamtouch”. Your goal is to have the least amount of tags you got to win. To summarize:

You get tagged a lot = You’re losing.
You don’t get tagged a lot and is surviving = You’re okay.

How do i do this type of system?

You could make it like this(I think):
Tag zone
When tagged → Grant item (bait or something thats not important.)
The leaderboard tracks how much you have of that item
Scores are lowest to highest

I don’t really want to use bait. People can just throw the bait away and it’s easy.

Turning off the resource drop may work, but i also have other items, too. It needs to track with a property.

Oh ok. Then do this:
Tag zone and counter
Tagged → Increase counter
Leaderboard tracks property
Lowest to highest scores


@MirMirCreates gas a great solution. Make sure to make the property and counter player scoped!

Oh yeah, forgot. thanks!

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I have a HUGE Problem:
Everything looks normal, until then a BUG appears: The person with the hamtouch can’t tag anyone.

The counter has a property to update, and it’s normal. The team switchers work correctly (for the first one, if you tag someone when you have the hamtouch, it’ll let you go back to team 1, sending you a notification) (and the second one, is when a player gets tagged by the person who has the hamtouch, it’ll send them to the hamtouch team and send a notification that they got the hamtouch.)

The tag zone won’t even do anything, and it just wants to chill out.

What are the tag zone settings

Tagging Team: Team 2

Respawn when tagged: Yes

in the leader board section of the map setting there’s a knock-out thing. maybe you could try that?

I don’t think i need knockouts.

Players can easily dodge them.

just do this

place a tag zone and a counter
(player gets tagged increment counter)
the counter updates a property called “score”
that place a property named that
but that in the leaderboard and the leaderborared is arranged from low to high

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just find where to put the team switcters cuz i dont understand the game very well

Lifecycle → counter - property. Set the property and counter to player scope. Set the leaderboard to lowest points at the top.