George’s Ultimate Metroid Guide!

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Hello! Welcome to George’s Ultimate Metroid Guide! this guide will teach you how to make Metroid related stuff! This guide is also wallet-friendly, which means no season ticket is needed! Let’s get started!

This Guide will be split up into 2 separate sections: Art And Mechanics.

Samus Pixel Art

Screenshot 2024-05-14 12.37.49 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-14 12.38.38 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-14 12.39.15 PM
Terrain used: Grass, Metallic(Dark), Plastic(Red), and Dry Grass
This is pretty easy to make, you just have to place down the terrain in this exact pattern.
You might want to put the background terrain as something other than the terrains listed, so it’ll be easier to see.


Coming Soon!


Yay! A metroid guide! I never seen one of these. Thanks!

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what in the entire world is a Metroid, I’m slow ok?

cheese burger is good?

its a game.
“Metroid is an action-adventure game franchise created by Nintendo. The player controls the bounty hunter Samus Aran, who protects the galaxy from Space Pirates and other malevolent forces and their attempts to harness the power of the parasitic Metroid creatures.”-google

(I know that name, ok, this makes more sense)

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I can hear the announcer from Smash saying SAMUS!