Geomtry dash text help

So in gd you have a text saying: Attempt Number (number)

But i dont really know how to make it, i have tried using properties and everything. pl hlp thx

Um hook the spawn pad up to a pop up have a call to action saying end game or continue next attempt and conitnue having as many attmepts you want

Have a counter wired to a lifecycle. The lifecycle sends a signal when the player is knocked out


but i want it to be in text tho. I dont want to use counters

let me try some stuff then…

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Just make the counter update a property and when the property value changes, it broadcasts on a channel. The text box receives on that channel and put in the block code:

set text: create text with: "Attempt number:"
                          : get property "property"

yeah, i made this in the platforming mode, so it kinda buggy.
It doesnt work. Wait, let me try it again

CAn you explain this?

make a property and make it a number property.
Make sure it is player-scoped.
Go to the counter, click on the “properties” tab, then select “yes” for update property, then type in the name of the property.

Nope @BreathTaking it doesn’t work

Does anyone else know how to do this?

Really? Alright lemme try it.

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Did you wire a lifecycle or laser(player knocked out or player hit by laser) to the counter?


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So I almost have it working, but it’s increasing by 300??

wait what do you mean.

I fixed it, I will show you how

Only For @Epi320

Off-Topic I finished your PFP want me to add anything else??

You will need:
1x Lifecycle
1x Counter
1x Property
1x Text

The Lifecycle:
Screenshot 2024-03-19 11.27.36 AM
The Counter:

Screenshot 2024-03-19 11.28.38 AM
The Property:
Screenshot 2024-03-19 11.29.29 AM
The Text’s Blocks:

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Don’t forget to set the counter, property, and text to “1” on game start, since it’s attempt 1, not attempt 0