Generator Shenanigans

I am trying to make an Energy Generator for my Farmchain Remastered map, I tried doing the cash berry shop, but that was too complicated, and I never got good answers/guide(s). This whole thing is about generator help, don’t go off topic please.

So you want something that generates energy?

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yes, i need something to generate energy

I haven’t played farmchain a lot so what exactly does the energy generator do, and what does it look like?

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Do you want it so when you answer questions correctly it gives you energy???
If so then:
Items needed: Questioner, Game overlay, item granter.
Overlay type - Button, Overlay text - Energy
Wire that to the Questioner so Button pressed - Open question answering screen
Questioner: Put in whatever Kit you want them to answer.
Wire that to the Item granter, Question answered correctly - give item.
Item Granter: Item to grant - energy, whatever amount you want.

trigger clock and health granter

Oh! R they talking about the energy generator from Tag: Domination?
To do that, you need the vending machine first, to transmit on a channel. Make that channel trigger a trigger and make the trigger also be triggered on that channel. Making a trigger loop. Then, wire the trigger to an item granter that grants energy.

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its one trigger

Lol. It just sounds complicated. Just for the first two settings in the trigger (channels), put the same thing as the one from the vending machine.

Also, this wouldn’t work. i would need sum block code for it to GENERATE. i don’t know how to do it, but i’m guessing something with wire pulses

you don’t give me a second to type

place down a trigger, vending machine, and item granter
give the trigger a delay of anything but 0
set up the vending machine for the upgrade
change the item granter to energy and the amount you want
when item purchased transmit on: energy
trigger when receiving on: energy
when triggered transmit on: energy
grant item when receiving on: energy

sounds like it could work, i will give it a try

Bro, that’s what I said!

nuh uh, i need something to wire pulse back to the vending machine, but idk what

you don’t the vending machine gives you the upgrade and thats it

YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE DELAY BRO​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

you can there is a setting for it

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