Generator problem

so i’m making a flagwars game, and i want the generator to constantly generate light shards while a player is inside of it. however it seems to be generating two at a time which isn’t what i want, i only want ONE generated at a time

i suspect my setup here is the problem, but from what i know this is the only way to actually do this and debugging is a pain to do

edit: found out i had two tasks on the item granter doing the exact same thing, removed one of them and huzzah it works properly now, thank you for your help anyhow

My suggestion would be to try and remove one of the wires connecting to the player device [with the arrows sticking out] to see if that resolves the case

what is the wire repeater doing? maybe try connecting the zone directly to the repeater and see if it works

tried that, and found out the repeater doesn’t actually do anything