General Guide on the External VS the Internal parts of GKC!

Gimkit Creative has so much that makes it up. We have devices, block code, props, and much more! So what am I talking about when I say External and the Internal parts of GKC? Well, the external part includes some devices, props, but very rarely, terrain, while the internal part includes some devices, block code, and terrain. Now why make a guide on this? Well, I wanted to help new users and (even) some pros here understand how complex systems interact with each other and base gimkit on a two piece operation. (Best way I could explain lol)

The internal version of GKC implies block code as the most important thing in that part, but some devices like Properties, triggers and many more are very much internal things. Something that is internal can even be terrain! Well, that’s weird, right? I say weird because when you think of internal you think of something invisible but terrain is visible, so why is it internal? Well, internal doesn’t mean invisble and that’s it. It implies that it can be invisible but it can also be visible, just as long as it doesn’t have all the following: visibility, and player interaction.

A example of an internal feature would be something like; a lifecycle that activates a sentry on game start, even though it implies visibilty, the lifecycle itself isn’t visible(it’s affects are) and it doesn’t involve player interaction. The sentry itself would be an external feature, as it is visible by the player and it can have interaction with it. Something that is internal may have results that are external, like block code.

For something to be external it must be visible and it must be avaible for the player to interact with. Take a sentry for example. A sentry can be visible, but it can also become invisble. Making it internal and external. The other thing that makes it external is the interaction with the player. The player can attack the sentry and so can the sentry. If we were to make an NPC the sentry would become an internal feature, why? Well, sense we removed its ability to interact with the players, it cannot be considered external anymore.

Another important thing we must note is that when making an entire system of something, for example, a NPC a player can trade things with, it becomes an external feature, why? Well, when the player interacts with the pop up(just an example of a trading with a NPC system) it is connected to the sentry. When the player chooses an option to trade with, the sentry will gain cash and the player will lose it. This is a trade, an interaction between the two(one sentry and one player).

Everything Internal:
Block code without any interaction, for example: a barrier that will deactivate when the code sends a random message that has nothing to do with the player. More to come…

Everything External:
A barrier that is deactivated when a button is pressed. The barrier itself wouldn’t be considered an external feature. More to come…

And there you have it the External VS the Internal parts of GKC!

Credits: Me and Gimkit team



Nice guide! Though, how come it’s a forum announcement?

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I don’t know, I was trying to think what is would be, but I couldn’t figure it out so I just put FA.

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I would say this seems to be a general guide on gkc.

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So like I put it now?


Nice! This is a very well-written guide!


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