Game won't load when the game starts

I was playing gimkit with my friend and the game just wouldn’t load. Is there a reason to this?
Here’s a picture of this situation.

Yes, my internet was fine. Is there a reason this happened?

try making the world again
Other wise IDK

tried that and it didn’t work. the memory is 10% by the way.

Maybe try to wait a while and retry, but if that doesn’ work email:


ok, I’ll try that. i’ll mark it as a solution.

Are you on a school chromebook?

ya, I am. why’d you ask?

Because they usually suck when it comes to making maps

My game breaks a lot when I’ve been on my map for extended times

ah, I see now. thanks for notifying me.

If you’re on a creative platforming map with sentries, you have to align them to be exactly placed on top of terrain, or delete them. I know it sounds random, but there is a bug right now that causes the game to disconnect if you test with a sentry starting in the air.

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that could be another reason.

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