Game Tutorial Overlay + Waypoint Help

I am making a game and there is a zone where an overlay button shows that is titled “Tutorial.” When the overlay button is clicked it will spawn a waypoint. The thing is once the way point disappears (which I have already worked out) if you go in the zone and click the button again the waypoint spawns and I don’t want that. If possible I would like the waypoint to be permanently deactivated OR I want the overlay permanently deactivated. Thank you in advanced!

What if you connect the overlay to a trigger, button pressed - trigger, then make the trigger settings: when triggered transmit on “Deactivate zone”, then go to to the zone settings and make it deactivate on “Deactivate zone”


I feel so d*mb right now. :frowning: I modified what you said to make it easier and more memory efficient (because lots of memory is already taken up). TYSM though! I didn’t think of deactivating the zone for some reason.

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It’s okay, we all have those moments. No problem!!!
(I mean that is why we have the forums in the first place, I mean I felt like that when I asked how to change a player to spectator when they died in my earlier days)

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