Game Titles Pls!

  • Other…
  • Mainland Rush
  • Escapay (pronounced es-ka’-pay)
  • Awakened
  • Unknown
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Any other ideas are appreciated! The one(s) that comes up with the name chosen will be credited. Tell me if this is advertising, as it is not meant to be. I apparently don’t know how to make the votes public, so can someone also say that? Game plot: ascending a mansion to make it back. You have a spirit guide. Unknown is supposed to be a title. :slight_smile:
New poll, alternate name pool.

  • Awakened
  • Golden Freedom (leo_flowers)
  • Lights Off (leo_flowers)
  • Escapay
  • Sleeper’s Mansion
  • Ascension
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Please vote.

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I picked Awakened! It sounds interesting!


How you make poll public?

What type of game is it?

Independent adventure with a big story. Yes, @leo_flowers. Not making a new post. Won’t be back on till 10 till.

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Can I come up with some quick ideas?


an adventure into the unknown…

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I picked Awakened. I love the name so much.

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Guess what? Awakened is in the lead! Well, I guess not for long…

Create 500 more accounts! Then Awakened will be in the lead FOREVER!

1: Trail Blazing
2: Rein of the unknown
3: Kingdom of the misjudged
4: Into the darkness
5: Lights off!
6: Time is ticking…
7: Never give up!
8: Always around every corner…
9: Battle of the Titans
10: Golden Freedom
11: Don’t let go!
12: Make sure to smile!
13: Dungeon of the Unknown
Uh… I’m out of ideas. :frowning:

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Um @Firealta_2183 , I don’t think I can create 500 accounts though…


FYI, Awakened is a reference is to how you’re awake at the gate of a mansion.

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These are good names but not really fitting the theme. Golden Freedom is probably the best out of those tho. Nice ideas tho. :smiley:


You should name it Bob smith fan game!!!

I would think no. It is not in any way related to you. Sorry.


Any other ideas, people?

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The Spooky Mansion!

Not really gonna be spooky.