Game + Thumbnail Ideas

I’d like so ideas for a map, might combine some ideas, and then gonna need a thumbnail, so I’m already going to ping 3 people: @VoidFluffy , @AwesomeGimMaker , and @Jobozo1875

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What game are you looking to make?

You aren’t allowed to ping people for help or art, hence Pharlain’s words.

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Oh. Who’s Pharlain?

Thank you btw!

one of the forum and gimkit moderators
go to the 3 dots (more), then go to groups and then moderators

don’t you still need a thumbnail though?

Can you still ping for art? I’ve been pinged multiple times for my thumbnails and I don’t mind them at all, I say in my bio I can be pinged.

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that is an exception i’m pretty sure.

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I didn’t choose what I’m going to make yet, but I’m thinking maybe a water-quest-theme-thing-maybe

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what is up w/ my brain rn, like WATER? Really, BMW? *shakes head *

Any ideas for that?

water’s fine, as long as it’s a good idea with it and amazing game design
no pressure lol jk

I gtg soon tho will come back around 4:30-5:00 est tmrw

I need ideas please help



I can only make lore and unique solo system ideas and creations. I’m not really good with ideas other than that…

Ok, well I gtg anyway, bye!

Alr so time to cook:
NAME: Islands of Wonder
GAME: Complete tasks/mini games on an island to move to the next one
THUMBNAIL: I’ll do that :smiley: