Game Testing - Perhaps the Most Important Part of Developing a Game


When developing a game, there are many different aspects of it that you must consider.

The most important part is debatable, but I think it’s something called game testing.

What is Game Testing?

Game testing is not playtesting, that’s just making sure all your mechanics work. It’s not testing how difficult your game is, although that’s important.

Game testing applies to any game with a goal.

Game testing is testing your game to make sure there are multiple different paths.

That’s a bit vague, so let’s use the classic game of Minecraft Bedwars as an example.

At the beginning of your bedwars game, what do you do?
Do you make a big bed defense?
Rush the team next to you?
Go to the middle islands for diamonds and emeralds?
Be a troll and sit at your generator the whole time so your teammates get nothing?

There are so many different ways to play bedwars.
Clearly, it has been game tested thoroughly.

All games with goals need to be game tested.


Game testing is an incredibly important part of developing any GKC game with a goal, especially multiplayer ones. There should be multiple courses of action you can take in the game, and none should be the best.

If you game test and always do the same thing because it’s the best, you need to change your game. There should be no best course of action.

Thank you for reading.


Maybe add that testing with friends is generally better as they don’t know your map yet and if they can’t figure out what to do or how to do it, then it’s an issue.

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@CringeKarlScott, I use game testing a lot, this guide will extremely helpful to new forum members so I recommend using the tag gimkit-beginners for this guide.

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Gametesting is also the most annoying part if you have to repeat it over and over again.

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