Game Respawn Help

Ok, look, I need help once again. I am creating a simple game, kind of like ZombsRoyale, and I need a timed death, kinda. When a player dies, I want them to be out for 30 seconds, then they respawn.

you can put barrier around there spawn and have them up for thirty second

you read warrior cats what seires are they on now last i check was maybe 7?

Using a counter and a repeater linked to a zone, (death zone) and when the target value of 0 seconds is reached, it teleports them to somewhere in the game.

Using a trigger is good, too. (Using a knockout manager).

The last one, I can’t find the last books on my Kindle.

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player knocked out → teleport player here
(make the place they teleport to empty/ they can’t move)
player knocked out → repeat the pulse (this is a wire repeater)
make the wire repeater have a delay of 30 seconds.
Then wire the wire repeater to a teleporter to wherever you want the player to respawn

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Hold on, is it possible to hold them in Spectator Mode for a certain amount of time?

once you are in spectator i don’t believe you can get out

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You can’t take someone out once you put someone in spectator mode. Put a zone over spawn. When a player enters the zone, teleport them to a box. using a trigger or a wire repeater, wait 30 seconds and then teleport them back to the game area.