Game Overlay Using Tracked Items , @Crimson_Knight, Something else is happening

Never mind, yes the property type is number. Should it be connected with the game overlay to the counter?

NO, I don’t think so, give me a sec I am making the taskbar right now to see if it actually works.
(sometimes guides are outdated, because of the new updates)
On your counter there is an area called property if it turned on and set to the property?? like this:

Nope. All out of ideas. I can’t do block code sorry :frowning: I think @Crimson_Knight can help

Okay, if you need any help, I made a screenshot.

Any thing that I need to wire?

Hmm, I just did the guide and it worked for me, can I see your block code on the overlay
(I also didn’t have to wire anything this is what my setup looks like)

Sorry for the long wait, here it is! Zoom in if too small!

You will have to make a new block code and delete that one because your channel need to be “Task” for it to work

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You mean the Tasks Completed to Task?

Yes, then test to see if it works, does it work???

@Princess2216 does it work
BTW I’m in class right now, and my teacher might turn GoGuardian

Give me a minute, sorry I am a little busy, @Crimson_Knight !

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Yes, it works now @Crimson_Knight !

Okay!!! cool glad to have helped
(This took an entire hour lol )

No problem! I’ll mark a solution!

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Wait, @Crimson_Knight , I have another question.

@Crimson_Knight ?

Something else happened, @Crimson_Knight .

Oh, nvm! I got it.

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