Game Overlay Bug

Let’s say you have a game overlay that tracks cash, and the maximum amount is 10,000. Now, if you purchase something from a vending machine that costs 10,000 cash. The Game Overlay will track your cash at 0 forever. But if you open the leaderboard, it says you have more cash. WHY?

10,000 Cash. Now let’s purchase something that costs 10,000 cash.

0 Cash.

Here it says 5,000 cash.



Basically Game Overlay stops working once you do that


are you using a property as score or just the cash item


the cash item. also, it literally just stops working


even on the leaderboard it says that I have cash. how come the game overlay is saying I have no cash???/

Do you have cash though?

yeah i had 5000

Wait so you bought something that cost 10K with 10K on you, and had 5K left over? sus

i bought something with 10k with 10k on me, than I had 0 on the game overlay. I waited a minute and I still had 0 shown on the game overlay, but on the leaderboard, it said I had 5,000

How much did you have in your inventory?

I had 10,000. I bought something with 10,000 so i had 0 cash. Then, it stayed 0 cash on the display for the rest of the game. When I checked my inventory, it said I had nothing. When I checked the leaderboard though, I had 5,000 cash and it was changing. Basically, there’s an error that makes the game think that I have 0 cash, but on the leaderboard you can tell that I have 5,000 cash.

That is a very odd bug.

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didnt you also make a guide on working banks with interest?
was it on the same map ur using right now?
maybe the leaderboard included the money in the bank
also, can you get 10,000 cash and then check the leaderboard to see if u have 10,000 cash

it was the same map, but i had used a few cheats and had not stored money in the bankk

bump because this is still unresolved (and i had refreshed many times)

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Was the price 5000 cash or 10000 cash?

Did you check your bank?