Game over screen in live gamemodes that are 2D like one way out

How do you get it to where there is the game over screen in 2D gamemodes like this?

(Without publishing?)

You can’t. The only device that does anything like this is the end game widget ([ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2!), but that will not solve your problem.

Yeah it is not possible right now but you could get an end of game widget and make it say game over! on it. It is not the same but that is the closest we have without publishing. Hope this helps!


What we’re saying is the only device that does anything related is the end game widget. You cannot make the screen you want in GKC.

They want the screen to say ‘game over’ like shown in the first post. This is not possible.

OH! I thought they were wondering about how to get that in their creative map. Sorry.