Game is ending when it isn't supposed to

I was working on automizing GK8, due to the game being really easy to softlock. After successfully adding timers to every area and testing the game out with a friend… it worked!

Because this is GKC and not real life, nothing works perfectly on the first attempt. My friend somehow died and respawned a lap later than when he died (I know why that happened, it’s a little complex and I’m calling it a feature for my sanity), but he also beat me due to that. When he beat me, the game ended within 5-10 seconds of him getting first, ad not 5 seconds after I should’ve gotten second. Any pictures can be provided. Thanks!


Make the timer count down if it is counting up.

Funny thing, the counter needs to count up in this one specific scenario, and I can’t change it. I don’t think that’s the issue though.

well, the reason why im saying, is have it to where when you enter the zone to end the race that final time, make it with a repeater and wire repeater, and then make it decrement the counter so then when it gets to 0 make it end game

How does that only end the game once everyone is finished though?

You can make it to where when you past the finish line the last time, it changes your team that goes into a zone that has an active player counter and when the number of people who press the done button, it will end the game,
side note, i love GimKitKart 8

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Did it end up working or no?

Saw your game imminently after finding this topic, lol

No, I have school.

I mean… A more passive way of doing this is by switching teams to spectator upon winning…

Probably not the best method, and I am wayy too late but ehh… I’ll start thinking of something else

(yea switching teams to spectator removes them from the leaderboard)

Maybe use a counter with global scope that increments using a “All Relay” for the no. of players and decrements each time a player wins? Target value being zero and ending game? If it instantly ends game bc it starts at zero, set it’s default value to 1 and use a “All other players” relay instead.

Wait no I misunderstood
Instead you can start the timer when the system above was supposed to end the game.

This, or a better variation of this, might work. Upon closer inspection of my system though, I still don’t see where the issue is. The time limit on this help post is gone, so can anyone help out??

Ok, so first things first, do you know of any respawn devices in the game.
Or is this not the issue

I 100% know how the map skip happened and how to prevent it, but I’m leaving it in as a feature. It’s not the issue.

Alright then, could you then please explain the issue more deatiledly?
(sry if this is bothersome, but i need a detailed descriptian to work and debugg

can I see the system that ends the game?

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Yeah, that was exactly what i was going to ask.!

I assume this uses a zone, live player counter, and the 5 sec countdown


Sure! Give me a minute to take a picture. Just to be sure, I’ll disable the game automatically ending after 3 minutes so I know where the issue is as well.

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What i normally do for debugging, is i use a counter, and i will make it so that when the game ending wire is pules (or channel is sent) it increment counter, so i can see when, and why it is sending the game ending wire pulse or channel
@Foxy what do you use for debugg?
(sry if my method is lame or dumb or useless, after all, im still young)

that is a way I just don’t like it when I don’t need a counter since then I have to adjust it
@Epi320 your method is fine most of us here are young
I just do a lot of raging and then check everything

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