Game in the works!

Hey, forum! got a game I’m working on! It’s like a platformer game, but when you beat a level, you have to play the level again, but everything is upside down! The game will be called Flip Side. If you have any advice, I’d be glad to hear it!


perhaps you should make some things inverted, like if lasers are off at the first part, have them on at the second part. that means that props that used to be out of reach now have to be used as makeshift platforms to get around the lasers.

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Oooh, this is a good idea!

I’d LOVE to make a thumbnail for this… might already get started working on one :slight_smile:

well, I mean, of course if you want one :upside_down_face:

ok done :smiley:


Wow! That is a good idea! Thanks! I’ll use it in one of my levels.

Wow! I love it! Thanks so much, AwesomeGimMaker! I 4sure am going to use this.

But @AwesomeGimMaker, could you just flip the bottom image in the other direction? Thx!

So if there are gim’s in the game you should make them look all confused and say stuff , “What happened?” and also some are smashed on the bottom.

Oh yeah, and one more edit(Sorry for bugging u so much😖) can you make the skins Cumulus, Niblet, and Sketch?

Nice idea, @Stealthknight! I will probably use it in a between-level cutscene.

Or you could add some Gims that fell and on the bottom of the thumbnail and are climbing the catwalk walls?

Hmm… (Villager noises intensifies)

iron golem comes up behind you

@AwesomeGimMaker you are really really really really really really really really good

WAIT NONONONO ( RESTART Back to main menu*)

@Chaosblade yeah i’ll do those changes might not be til tonight tho

Well instead of having a Minecraft battle hereI think we need to get back in topic here guys


Thanks a ton, @AwesomeGimMaker!