Game Ideas or Help?

Oh, whoops :sweat_smile:

lol it fine also finised recorrding here is the tour! (also i am using school computer so cant use discord to post code but it on screen dont ban or kick me plz)

wait i need to link it

No! Never post codes!

sorry but i need another way on school computer :pensive:

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I know, its tough for me, I have nowhere but scratch to post codes.

wait can I make a scratch link to post or be more vauge about it by giving u my scratch acount then posting the code in the acount coments

My link is in profile. Others on here also use scratch, and on there I could tell you who.

ok so i will put the link to my scatch acount in my profile then in my profile coments post the code

You can use these two sites!

Gimkit Platformer Mode - General - Gimcourse (expires in a couple of days)

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Not mine, sadly.

It should, unless your school blocks it. Gimcourse should work, since if you are talking on this forum, you should be able to talk on the gimcourse forum.
WARNING: Avoid using actual emails…they can lead to a name leak. Wix allows any email without comfirmation.

Gimcourse works for me, but I already have enough accounts for things, but wix doesn’t.

Wait, all this time I could of been on wix?

guys my scratch acount is posted but ima try that to if you wanna help go to my acount and the first project has link

@WhoAmI Could you add me to all the chats? It works now. It didn’t because it blocked via email.

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@Vortex_AgentWolfi22 Mark a solution, please!

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