Game ideas? i'm bored

i’ve been bored these past few days and i want a few ideas so that i get something to do.

Make a RPG with underwater mechanics


and tons of OP sentries hidden that randomly pop up.

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Recreate another video game in gimkit.
make a village with a ton of friendly npcs with quests

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Anyone for playing Mario Odyssey in Gimkit
(captures would be hard though)

After I play it, I’ll try to make it.

sure i would be down to play, are you gonna post it on wix?

@Anythinger my posting is working now, but for some reason i cant post on the other guide :confused:

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but the wixsite is so good and everyone is already on it…

  1. It was a joke.
  2. I don’t use the wixsite

Sorry I was asleep

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(post deleted)