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So I’m trying to make a game in Gimkit where fairy-tale characters come to life.

I need some ideas with:
Some Side quests
Some characters-how to build/make them.

Characters I already have:
Big Bad Wolf-Sentry Chompz Skin
Captain Blackbeaerd-Sentry Captain Buck Skin

I will check in on the suggestions (if there are any) later.


Some kind of witch experimented on a lady bug and now it’s human with a ladybug shell and wings. The ladybug fair escaped from the witch.

Basically like a fair like Tinker Bell.

An ancient ritual that mixed the Sands of Time, The Forbidden Water, scrap of a red hood, and a fairy-tale book.


Hmm interesting and creative ideas, nicely done @harharharhar83 and @KrishnaVA


That’s a great idea ngl

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Hey! Bakugo!

Thanks! I mean how else would you meet tinker bell? Obviously a ritual…


wait what. I think you meant Bakugo lol

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I don’t know much about anime :sob: :sob:


I thought this man left…
The Wise Plant - Green Evil Plant

Me? Oh lol I messaged the mods just waiting for my self-ban


A wizard that is like thousands and thousands years old. They live inside a cave and does magic stuff. He has been training people, expect the chosen one. (Chosen one is you)

like Merlin?

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Whoever that is, lol

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Libre as a genie like the one from Aladdin

I made a mini guide about Sentries with Beards if you do decide to do the wizard.

Any more ideas before I close this topic?
Closing this now


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