Game idea help ʘ‿ʘ

I need game details that follow these guidelines :arrow_down:

  1. Players make or do something that is not entirely luck-based.
  2. Players must mainly answer questions about this thing they must do.
  3. Every once in a while players will be chosen to do something head-to-head. Once one player wins they are rewarded and the other one is eliminated
  4. There is a shop that sells items that give players an advantage if they get chosen.

Try to be creative. If I don’t get a good idea I will just make it a battle royale in this format.

Escape the maze? Idk

nah I want something unique, fun, and I can work on during the summer

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I wouldn’t have made this if this specific broad draft of an idea had already been thought of

what about a treasure trail with riddles and stuff

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what do you mean by treasure trail

like a treasure hunt

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so its just first one to find the treasure? what would the questioning and shop be? same with the head to head

maybe a race to find it. the shop is to get better ger. the questions for energy to move around and if people meet they fight

do you like the idea

meh idk I feel like theres something better

Maybe you could put everyone in a waiting area, then use repeaters and lifecycles to pick two players to fight each other after a certain amounts of time?

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I don’t need help with making the game I need help with the details like what the game is about.

bump because I need help

Could you elaborate on your original post?

what is there to elaborate? I detailed the main things that must be in the idea.

You could just make a battle game that pick 2 random players to battle, and the one who survives at end wins. You can possibly use question-systems to replenish projectiles. Players could pick their roles at the beginning of the game. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea!
(also nice pfp)

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Yeah, maybe there’s a map center with a center button that teleports to the shop, and outside is the arena, so when players are chosen, other players can see the battle behind a barrier. To make the fighting not luck based, maybe they answer questions and whoever got the most wrong gets put in, and each question is worth money.