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Making a Laundry simulator from roblox

are you asking for help making laundry simulator? welcome to the forum @ThePerson don’t forget to read the Resources for new-user-must-read!

Have your Laundry place
Button in front of Washing Machine.
Button Pressed → Negative Item Granter
Button Pressed => Trigger(Delayed)
Triggered → Positive Item Granter

Nevermind, this is a game idea

hey, its nice that you want to suggest game ideas for people to make, but…that’s not what this forum is for…its for help on gkc….

If you are suggesting go here Ideas for guides or game to make [Copied from LegoBuilder’s Original Guide] please…I need help with adding ideas!

Or go here Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

Please mark a solution unless you are asking how to make laundry simulator! please mark solution!!!

nope just telling people

thanks for the help i realy needed it

if giving ideas go to one of my two links and we can continue conversation there about ideas (or add them on my link here )Ideas for guides or game to make [Copied from LegoBuilder's Original Guide] and mark solution here.