Game help stargim valley

does any one play stardew valley and if so let me know

is this off topic i need help so i would think not

I do what do you need help with?

I don’t, but I know what it’s about

Fix grandfather’s farm sim

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well you think u could help with some stardew prop art

there is a lot of art you need to be more specific and provide pics for those who don’t play

I used to play, and also this isn’t off-topic, if your asking for help on how to make stardew valley

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I play stardew, I have 2,500 hours…

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well thats why i askd if u play
btw if your willing to help j0in the code here

codes are not allowed here

What do you have so far?

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Gimkit codes (
the codes here

I also used to play

OMG! Stardew valley is my favorite game ever!

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You can use more channels and less wires, it saves memory.

So far really good though.

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why did you use a vending machine for granting

Idk, it’s what I’m used to.