Game HELP (based off "GTFO")

Hello, I’m making a gimkit game based off of GTFO and rn I’m having difficulties in making the monsters(“sleepers”) in the game. I made my first sentry work they way I wanted but when I copy it it doesn’t work for others. I am using a evil plotted plant as my base and I made it so that using zones, when you go close they light up hiding the original plant and showing another one, and I used a counter to then count the noise making, an property I made counting with zones, It works only for the first one. There are probably other ways in doing this, but I idk what else. Pls help me.

Welcome to the forums @Mr.Aradus! Did you make sure you repeated the wires/channels correctly?

I didn’t use any wires…, but the channels are linked to the right ones

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Ooh! Welcome to the forums @Mr.Aradus ! Excited to see you around, right now I don’t think I can help… but maybe tomorrow!


So when you copied the sentry, you replaced the channels so it fits for the zone after the zone that activates the first sentry?

I did not make it so that it fits to next zone. Based on how I at least think how I did it I pretty sure I don’t need to, but I will try.

Just for me to get a better understanding:
There is a zone that activates a sentry and there is a zone ahead of this zone that activates a different sentry and deactivates the first sentry and on and on?

Well the zone, device, is on the sentry; it makes it so it increases the value of property “Noise Making” which has a target of 5. When “Noise Making” reaches 5 or if the character hit the plant the sentry, it will activate. The first sentry is always there if it get downed there is no respawn, unless it got hit or “awoken” triggers it is always off.

what exactly is gtfo as the only gtfo i know is the curse word abbreviation of ¨get the :duck: out¨ so maybe use the full name to avoid confusions

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I searched it up and it’s some kind of first person shooter game thingy

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So yeah, you just duplicate the system and make the zone channels connect with the corresponding sentry.

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Um… the game “GTFO” is a game where these things called sleepers are sleeping, you need to take them out silently or they all rush at you, and you need to get through doors and find a way to leave the site typically. So, I searched up the abbreviation on steam and apparently it is abbreviated as “Get The Duck Out” so…

ah so like a silence game oki dont know if that´s possible but goodluck

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You should… probably just call it like “Get Out” or something so… yeah. It’s like the card game called BS.


Idk either but DOING IT ANYWAYS

just have a series of zones that get smaller but more centered for the sentry like Mr. Aradus is doing. the noise count is an amazing idea!
just takes a lot of memory lol

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Yea something like that or like “Get Out In Slient” or just “In Silent”

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I’m back! What specific help do you need? Is it any of what you said above? It sounds start, but maybe you should try using other items if you haven’'t tried already. Idk but I had trouble reading what was above. (probably because I half awake)

Um, the previous problem is fixed. I’m wondering how to do security doors, that would spawn sentries.

what do you mean by this?