Game Ender for Bedwars game

I’m making a bedwars-type game, but need help with ending the game.
I want to end the game when all players on one team have been eliminated (they turn into spectators.) I’ve already made the bed-breaking system. All I need now is a way to end the game when all players on a team have been eliminated. Also, I need a way to make the leaderboard show that one team has won. (perhaps giving them an item?)

Look at this: How do I made so if one team is knockout, end game

Is it possible to dectect the number of players on a team (Like storing it in a property or something?)

That’s not what that guide does. Read the guide before posting it.


search up player team sorter and thats what comes up, and how am I suppost to know every guide? Just search it it.

And in the game settings, you can set the teams to sort evenly.

but that doesn’t allow you to know how many players are on that team

Why did you search team sorter? Search ‘count players on team’

At least read the guide if you don’t know what it does.

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wait… i dont need leaderboard stats cuz only 2 teams and the people turn into spectators so the other team doesnt show on leaderboard…

You need to add add a zone for the players starting positions for each team then update a counter for every player that enters it.

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im trying to end the game after there are no players on one team (there are two teams)

Yes, I know. There should be two counters, one for each team. Make sure to add something to check when a player is knocked out and then wire to a wire repeater that only allows team one and another for team 2. The first wire repeater should be wired to the first counter and decrement it, then the second one should do the same but for the second counter.