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Hello everyone! My game is not in GKC Discovery . I tried everything, but I still can’t find it. I acknowledge that the search bar is based on description and not title, so I put the title in the description, but it’s still not there! I need some help with this. I worked very hard to bring this game public, so I need some help ASAP. Thank you for considering my post and getting this far. The name of the game is Gimkit Arsenal. It follows every TOS rule, so it couldn’t have been banned.

im sorry that happened im kinda new so im not that much help but wanted you to know ppl are out there :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had this same problem as well for 2 months, but I think it’s more of a bug because I’ve tried to repost it multiple times.

The discovery page searches by discription.

Right… I put “Arsenal” in the description, but it’s still not showing up. Do you have any way with this info?

Two things:

  1. So should I change it to a bug?
  2. What was your game called?

@mysz made a game with the same exact name… Maybe it got taken down because of that?

  1. Yes (already was)
  2. I don’t like sharing names, but it was called “Gim Race Training Captain-Gim,” It’s had 0 plays multiple times, but that’s as much as I’ll say.

In the description I said, and I quote, “Most of the map and device systems were made by mysz, so a huge shout-out to him.” I gave him credit, so why would it be taken down due to that? With full disclosure, I thought of that too at first.

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Or do I need to ask permission from @mysz himself?

I’m not sure if you can post games that are really similar to each other. However, I doubt that that was why it was taken down, unless mysz’s gimkit arsenal was well-known.

He may have inspired the idea, but I did make a few changes.

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yes I’ve heard many people say this

There is another game on GKC Discovery with the exact same name that was published after me. If that’s not mysz, they must’ve mixed up his with mine and thought I copied. But if that is mysz, I deeply apologize for any inconveniences I caused and will ask if it’s okay my game’s up.

Hi GKCGOAT, I’ve actually seen your game and it’s really cool! Yes, that is my game, but I don’t know why they would take it down. I don’t really care if you use my game name as you gave credit, so I don’t know why it’s taken down.

  1. Thanks, mysz. Yours isn’t so shabby, either. It’s what inspired me to make games in the first place.
  2. I’m very relieved that’s cleared up. So maybe it’s just a bug in the Discovery system?
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