Game cover art request for a flicker based game an evil team good team and a solo clown

Can this work

guys, i’m pretty sure the game is going to be called “Lights Out!” or something…

oh ummmmmmm ok she said it is going to be called flicker

it can’t because of copyright purposes

that is to bad but is funny

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  • Gims are cleanly cut and well edited
  • Backdrop actually works
  • You credited yourself (YES! YES YES YES!)


  • The different sized Gims in the front look out of place and strange, as the when you change the size of the Gim, the line thickness also changes.
  • The shading is just what Gimkit already put on each Gim image- you didn’t alter it at all to make it look like it actually matches the setting.
  • There isn’t really any depth because of the lack of shading- the Raveena Gim, for example, should be shaded on the sides because it’s supposed to be behind the ghost and onesie Gims. Same goes for Sizzlestar and Ozi.
  • Clown is so enlarged that like I said before, the lines are EXTREMELY thick and disproportionate. There is also no shading that makes it seem like it’s behind the other Gims.
  • There isn’t any emotion on the Gims whatsoever.
  • The poster requested two teams- good and evil. There aren’t any clear teams here.

Overall rating:


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ty! i will use the feedback u gave to likely make it better :slight_smile:

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if the request is still open i will give it a try

btw theres no shading for the clown because theyre supposed to be a “ghost” which is why i turned down the ocupacity.

you can use my body part guide for gims if you want…

I love it!!!