Game cover art request for a flicker based game an evil team good team and a solo clown

awww i thought she was going to use mine

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wait how about I combine both @VoidFluffy @Kosm0-o

ok but how are u gonna do that?

I would not do it if i were you…
It would be a mess.
Plus,’s thumbnail does not match the size of what an thumbnail size should be.
I wonder what she uses…


photojoiner (it’s the only understandible site i could find) but I can crop and size in to the right size

alright i can do that

Maybe use a layout that is similar to a youtube thumbnail…
If it does not have one, try switching to a different site that has one.

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i can put a custom size on it

You would just stretch out the thumbnail, would you?

I use canva it has a YouTube size

well yeah ugh how do i do thisI am not good at graphic design

ok but most of the time canva doesn’t work on my Chromebook look omg it just did something really weird to my computer graphics ummm hold on a sec…

ok umm i think im going to take a break from graphic design and try to get this fixed.

are u on a school Chromebook?

Yeah isn’t everybody?

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Um, I was going to make one…

I’m almost done.
And, I know that @Charlee said the s/he chose already, but you could give me a chance.

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yes! give I_like_Props a chance!

i want really want to see…

Help, my computer started and I LOST ALL MY WORK. I was using a different software than I normally used, so…

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these thumbnails are kinda messy if im being honest and uhh i have OCD so im going to have to make one…
rate it if you want im not very good at making thumbnails.

also, if you want some additional backstory to teh gims that I chose to add, here you go:

Ozi = Dark Psychic
Sizzlestar = Survivor
Two Festive Onesies = Twin(s)
Ghost = Murd3r3r
Mustache = Spy
Raveena = Witch (obviously)
Clown = Clown (i wonder…)
Assassin = Too lazy + not enough space

Anyways, that may be enough yapping, and you rlly wanna see the final product, so here it is.


Look up. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Im going to be sad if nobody looks at my thumbnail