Gadget fire going through players

It’s as it sounds. I have pvp enabled and gadget fire on in the zone. If I have a setting turned off I will turn this into a help post. Also made this in a hurry! Sorry for not much details.

I tried everything. (YES, INCLUDING REFRESHING) And I am also on a pretty good computer for processing power. It runs Minecraft fine with no issues whatsoever on 15 render distance.

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are they on the same team???

Its free-for-all

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Is it laggy for the player on the other side, do you have them on two different tabs, etc?

but remember I had that one team switcher but I never ended up finishing any abilities besides wolftech

No, it is with different computers

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Ok, well, maybe that broke it? It shouldn’t have…

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check the leaderboard next time it happens.

That isn’t it. I have enenny indicators on. It still isn’t working

I can’t post the E thing. That why I used nn

what. “E thing” ? “nn” ? i’m confuzzled.

How about your internet connection? I think gimkit still has delay even with very strong internet.

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It doesn’t work when standing still

Ok, that’s a lot more interesting. Both players are standing still?

It was the team switcher! Thanks Boop!

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