Gadget Collision

Is it possible to detect when a surface is hit by a gadget, besides prop damage? Is it possible to bring a prop back after it has been destroyed?

  1. I don’t think so.
  2. Nope, from what i can tell.

oof… I wanted to try and make a Splatoon map. thanks for the help though

please mark a solution!!!

there wasnt a solution, so someone needs to come up with one.
you could put two props, one dameageable one not, and set the damageable one to, like 1 health.
you could wire it to something or transmit it on channel when destroyed.

AOE might be possible soon with gadgets… somehow…
if you could make AOE that would 100% hit then yes you could track a surface getting hit. anyways, that’s just a theory (“a GAME Theory”[1]).
also, the solution is with johangim

  1. rip matpat’s channel :confused: ↩︎


You could use a zone somehow

I don’t really know
It was just a suggestion

I wish that this was a thing. Maybe in the future bu please mark a solution

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i actually have a solution

go for it…
i’m all ears (eyes technically)

wait, just when the prop revives, it moves, that’s the only thing that might work, or just make the prop in the same location, so, first copy you prop, but make it invisible at game start, and depending on the prop still having damage or not, just add or don’t add the damage thing, but then, after that, wire the visible prop to a wire repeater or a trigger, best if it’s a wire repeater, and set the wire repeater to to at least 0.1 delay (depending in how long before you want the prop to “revive”) but the wire should be “prop destroyed -----> send signal” then the wire the repeater to the invisible prop, and when the signal is repeated or something, show the prop, and that’s it, well, for the second question

sorry it took so long i had to do stuff

here ya go

and that goes against his question parameters

o7 matpat, you will be missed

whats AOE

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area of effect
where you hit more than a single enemy/player in one attack


Oh, like a damage attack that can deal damage to players within a radius?

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I already figured out, with a reminder from teapot, how to do an AOE ability, in fact I’m making a guide on it rn. Since we can’t detect where a projectile is being shot at, we can’t have splash damage for gadgets but maybe in the future… All the other factors for gadget splash damage are available though.

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this is the 2nd time someone has asked for help on this guide. ._. wut’s happening…?