Functional Swords Advanced [4/10 or 🟨]

The average of the votes is 5, and the median is 5.5. What should I put for difficulty, as most people (again), probably didn’t read the full post

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I just edited the guide (made some things more clear, fixed a bug with the swords)

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For the Mini sword and the diagonal, you could you blackboard legs.

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Hey @mysz, can you tell me what rating this should be (and if different ratings per section, what they should be (other than 1-2.6, as those are set an thus 0/10))

I mean, the sections are easy to follow, but tedious. I personally rate it a 2 or 3/10, but it could probably go to 5/10.

Also, about the guide, please try to generalize it. Butter swords are off-topic, but if you just changed the title to “Functional Swords in GKC” or “Swords Advanced”, and used Butter Swords as an example, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as off-topic.


Made a major-ish update, changing the name and some of the text, so now it applies for all swords

Re-wrote mini sword section, intro and ending, changed a small bit in the boss section, changed title and gave it a rating of 4/10 (the average of the votes)

Nice, but does it actually do damage?

Yes, as it has lasers (In the boss section)

This could help in my attacks guide thanks

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Oh I didn’t see that lol. Do you check the range of the enemy before you attack so that you can know if you can attack the enemy?

what do you mean?

Like if the sword is way to far to hurt the player, is there an alert for that?

Not yet… but you could use triggers to bring a notification!

No, like if the player is too far then the player can’t attack the enemy, but if it’s within range it can. It would be easy when it comes to sentries, but for PVP it would be harder.

For sentry’s you could use zones, but you would need coordinate grids for gims

Yes, so is there a way you can find the way to do that? (It’s something we’ve been trying to crack, but have failed a lot)

I Haven’t even used block code et. I’ll help once I get better at GKC

Here are guides on it (you can also just search through the blocks tag):

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Great job!