Fun Ways To Use A Table In Gimkit Creative

This Is Ideas For Using Tables For Cool Stuff!

  1. Kitchen Counters.
    In my opinion, I think this one is better, because its much more clean, and better to change the tint.
    You Will Need 2 Tables!

    Next, choose between one of those tables, and rotate it upside-down to make this:

    And changing the color is cleaner too!

  2. Door.
    You can use tables to make a medieval door!
    All you need is one wooden table (Vertical) (With Metal)

    and rotate It upside=down to make this:

  3. Donut
    All you need to make this is 2 kitchen tables (Infected)
    you can use any kitchen tables, that is round and has a hole in the middle.

    Rotate one of those tables upside-down, color the table you want to be the frosting (anything) and color the bottom one beige so its the donut itself.

    You’ll eventually get this, so use layers on the top left of your screen, near the settings button, and select the bottom part of your donut, “Move To Below Layer” by clicking the 3 dots, and select the top part of the donut, and click “Move To Above Layer” And you’ll get:

    And after that, you can change its size and make it really small.
    You can do some fixes with it, to make it look proper!

  4. Cake
    all you need is tables, white or brown. Add the amount of tables you want, depending on how many layers you want your cake to be.

    Depending on how big your cake you want to be, you’ll want to make the other tables smaller, and another one smaller, like this:

    And then, stack them all up, and you’ll get this.

    The other tables will eventually hide underneath the biggest table, so edit them on layers.

    To get this, just do this:

    The most bottom part of the table here in the slot, is the biggest table down, until top. You can do some fixes and make it look like this:

  5. Target

  6. Trampoline

  7. Oreo

  8. Crescent Moon

  9. This Weird Cone

  10. A Caterpillar
    All you need is alot of tables, depends on how long you want your caterpillar to be.

    and line the tables on any direction you want, you can curve it, and you’ll get:

  11. Tape
    All you need is 2 Kitchen Tables (Infected)

    and then do some fixes and get this:
    some make the outer table bigger and the inner table smaller

  12. Hanging Apron
    All you need is 2 Tables (Rectangular)

    and make sure to make the inner table smaller, and do changes in the layers. Make sure to rotate the tables Upside-Down to get:
    That’s All I Could Think Off, But Let Me Know If This Was Helpful! Thank you


This should be in the art category.
The art looks pretty nice, though!

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Thanks! I just found out you can’t use the word " d i r t y" here .-.

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Nice guide, but…
please don’t do this:
See What I’m Doing Here? It’s Confusing And Rather Annoying, To Be Honest. Thank You!


Add that you can make bridges with tables, like in bedwars!

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What do you mean?

capitalizing the first letter of every word

Some people like it though. But yeah, “mY eYeS!!!”
Anyways, I really love this guide! I think its really creative!


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we don’t think that

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Yeah, but still this guide is great and very creative! Nice work @DannyStarf ! Very helpful.

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