Fun-room ideas😀

I need some ideas of stuff to put in my ‘fun’ room. It’s at the end of the game for players to chill and have fun, I put in a soccer ball and a arcade machine that turns on when you press a button but I don’t know what else I can have in there for players to do.

add casino games…

um, no thankyou that’s not really the look I was gong for… more like a kid’s fun room with kid safe things like a ball and video games… but thanks anyway


Pac man?

rock paper scissors
tic tac toe

@Morepeko8 check the gimkitcreative padlet art section

ball pit

maybe would you rather or something…?

tic tac toe

1v1 box fights (might be kinda difficult, you could just go with a normal 1v1)

and that’s all I got :frowning:

wait, and a mini capture the flag game!

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Add a bar for me. :woozy_face::woozy_face:


Did you read the replies blud? :sob: (No offense)

It was then countered by the poster, (DJ_FEVER) with

Ah man… guess i’ll make my own casino and bar in GKC. :beer:

Not really kid friendly. Pretty sure the rules state 2 things.

Is it kid friendly to 6 year olds, aka kindergartners?

second, will you be able to comfortably present this to your class and teacher?

my class? yeah pretty sure. my teacher? mm depends on the one. kindergarteners? uhh… add applejuice and arcade games. all in control.


Баскетбол ойынын қоса аласыз ба?
50% 50% соққы жасау мүмкіндігі?

backrooms fun level event? with the cake it not/is a lie?

nvm that seems to scary when I just saw that u want it kids friendly.

alright how about some mini games? and some cake?


how do you make a would you rather? :confused: but that could be cool thx but Idk how to do it…

food. add food. muffins (pml item image and muffin tin), the cup, and fruit boxes
Edit: by " the cup" I mean soda cup with the straw.