Fun Decorations For Your Maps! [⬜]

Hi everyone, bear here. Here are some fun (and creative) ways to spice up your maps!

Before we begin

Here is some vocab that you may want to know:

  • @VALUEX’s Value Corner
    • Valuable tips on blocks, a deeper insight on them, and why they are used.
  • Wise’s Wise Tips
    • Wise the owl provides tips on how to improve your game
  • :warning:
    • Caution! Go back and check your work for bugs!
  • Block indicators
    • :purple_square:/x/x = Heavy in Blocks
    • x/:purple_square:/x = Heavy in Properties
    • x/x/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive
    • :purple_square:/:purple_square:/x = Block + Property Heavy
    • x/:purple_square:/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Property Heavy
    • :purple_square:/x/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Block Heavy
    • :purple_square:/:purple_square:/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Block + Property Heavy
    • x/x/x = EASY

Warning: This guide is under copyright by Bear. Therefore copying it without permission or infringement is strictly prohibited and may be prosecuted.

Just Kidding! Please don’t copy this without asking though. I spent a lot of effort on it and I would appreciate at least some credit.

Gimkit creative is as much art as it is code! Afterall, a good game should look as well as it works!

- Decoration One: A Tent

This is great for any camping/forest map! I made it out of tinted wooden signs and metal poles, but you can make it however you want!

  • Wise’s Wise tips
    Sometimes it’s best to not follow a guide completely. Let’s say you like pink and you want your
    tent to be pink. Why not tint the signs pink or change the sign type completely? Mix and match to
    your hearts desire! Afterall, GKC is called Gimkit Creative for a reason.


  • A coin or buzzer

To make this you will need two barriers preferably a yellow one and a pale yellow one. Make sure that the pale one is smaller than the yellow one. Make sure you use barriers.


-Wise’s wise tips:
Gimkit Creative is as much art as it is coding. It is also creative hence the name. Now
Now that you created the coin why not make your own custom coin? Why not make a
purple coin or a Gimbuck?

I hope you enjoy this guide. If you like it, a :heart: would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Wow nice guide! I love the wise tips! Such a great idea. Did you accidentally post this?

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Yeah I did. I’m glad you like Wise’s wise tips!

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I added your entry here:

Great guide and all, but what is the point of all these resource guides? I think it’s better to teach than to compile. I think the guide would be much better if the poster also provided their own examples. This is just my opinion though and you don’t need to take it to heart.


They are for people want multiple sources, guides, ideas, and solutions. And things like that. So things don’t get lost in time.

Is this a wip?

Yes this is. Please nobody else ask. I will finish it if you give me time. Sigh I keep on clicking the topic button when it isn’t finished.

Good luck on it then!

Nice guide! This is pretty cool!