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So FVF (Friends vs friends) is a card-based shooter game, with randomized cards you can play at will. The cards consist of healing, new weapon, bigger mag, etc and I need help with the cards, being able to play them at will, and map ideas (I will probably make it so that 4 game overlays appear so 4 cards per person)

you can make it a randomizer that grantes you 2 random items and 2 random abilityes per person.

The thing is, there is hundreds of cards, and a lot of characters with different things, like more speed, better weapon, etc

then make more randomizers, but a player can only hold 6 items and have 4 on screen buttons.

but some cards give you the thing the other characters have, and there’s debuff cards

so cards can be like a vending machine, it grants a item, for a card, am i understand this correctly?

Kinda, the game is fairly new and the cards work for one round apart from a few like extra health, and there are meant to be 3 rounds normally (one team absolutely dominates and wins every time) or 5 rounds (it ping pongs between 1 team winning)

Ok so you can change extra health, but can’t you just randomize the items so no team has a advantage?

That’s the thing, you are meant to use your card and play dirty to win (In a sense, it kinda can destroy friendships) and one can get an advantage by getting good cards, but the other could have a counter

ok, so then randomize the players per team, so no player gets put on teh same team over and over, but then make one team get higher rarity items when they spawn, and the other team gets lower rarity.

Ok, I just going to make a basic fighting game and add stuff like cards later

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