Friend dies when i go close

why does my friend die whenever i go near him in my game (tag zone and non tag zone)

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well you must be tagging him…

i literally just walked by him and he respawned. and we were in a no-tag zone

well either the game is glitching or you might want to recheck your tag zones…

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alright thank you The_7th_Dragon


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If it still isn’t working, you might want to move this to Bugs.

Were you and your friend on different teams? Was the tag zone set to the whole map?

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Maybe they’re set to whole map and you didn’t realize?

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Well, @Glitch_Fiend , did you ever figure out what was wrong? You were either in a tag zone or the game was glitching.

@BreathTaking , I read your profile, tis the truth, all hail York chocolate covered mints!


Be sure to mark solution if your problem is solved!

@Glitch_Fiend I have realized that sometimes it could just be gimkit lagging because I have experienced this in their normal tag that they created. So it’s possible it’s just lag between you and your friend’s devices


I have had that happened and it hadn’t occurred to me that that was a possibility

everywhere except where i wanted safe zones to be (spawn)

Then that is the problem… If its whole map Its whole map. I would suggest making the tag zone a scaled version of the specific areas one

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