French and Indian war-era trench quest game help

So I need some help making a French and Indian war-era quest game with zombies and I need area ideas, lore, or game mechanics (and I guess you can request thumbnail art as well if you want, just give a very rough sketch)

Name: Black powder

Areas so far: The trenches (starting point) (WIP), the docks (Ending point) (WIP)

The lore: you are part of the British empire fighting against the French until a unit with a wound that looks like a bite mark enters the trench and all hell breaks loose, now zombies are everywhere and you need to escape

The mechanics: You are one shot apart from the occasional helmet or shield

Oh wow…are you sure this is appropriate?? mechanics: use blizzy’s armor guide for helmet and shield and i guess just make the players have 1 hp…

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[the british didn’t fight the french but whatever]

this sounds cool

a slingshot or blaster would be a good weapon

maybe add a bunker somewhere

some tanks

barbed wire

It won’t have much gore, only a few puddles of red goo and maybe a few red text (I tried to make a WW1-era CFT game already, but It was too difficult to make look good, so I will stick to making quest)

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the French and Indian War, the French became allies with the native Americans and the British became allies with Prussia. now with the little history lesson out of the way, the slingshot will be the Officer’s pistol dropped by the officer enemy and I will need to make a tank, but good ideas

[I meant during ww1]


Oh, ok sorry, I didn’t relise, I need to change the title of the post then

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But wait how are you going to remake the weapons?

Ok :ok_hand:

Wood wand, slingshot, etc

heck yeh Add george washington WOOO

They didnt allie with prussia?

From what I have red, they did to help fight the french

in europe not america

Oh, I was thinking of a different general then, edward braddock

I am specifically young george washington so Hey he knows the war