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Hey, I need help with this mode.

  1. How can I make multiple its?
  2. How can I have the it get more energy per question than the other players? (Someone answered this but I tried it and it didn’t work so I must have messed up)
  3. How can all of the players see who the it is?
  4. How can I make the notifications tell players to tag and run away at the beginning?
    That’s a lot of questions but feel free to answer as many or as few as you can. Thank you!

This link is a topic related to earning more energy as a player or team.

Thanks, I read it but I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. I must have messed up on it.

Hey, I’m figuring it out. I’m kind of new to this so sorry for the trouble. Thanks!

You can show who ‘it’ is by adding an activity feed item with the blocks:
Add Activity Feed Item For Everyone → Triggering Player’s Name
where ‘it’ is the triggering player.

Also, you joined the forum months ago and I joined Tuesday.

So, I’m a noob to.

You can also use the Map Options to set a set number of players to the ‘it’ team. (for having multiple 'it’s.)

Also, I suggest reading @Grey_Stone 's solution, not mine.
They’re more experienced.

Thanks! (I ran out of likes for today)

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So am I supposed to wire it to something and how do I add “it” into the blocks? A screenshot would be nice if that’s not too much trouble.

Not a wire, but a block connection.
When I went to make a screenshot, I found a way that works at all/better:

Well, the easiest answer to all of these questions would be to put “it” on a separate team. Question 1 is just having a relay take a random player on team 1, and switching them to team 2. Question 2 is activate a different item granter for team 2 only. 3 is just trigger → relay (all players on team 2) → waypoint for one player, and trigger (repeat everything in the parenthesis for as many it’s as you need, and connect them to the same trigger ) (random player on team 2 → waypoint).

Try this guide

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