Found a fun bug in creative mode with the music

so i found a bug that kept the music playing after i was done play testing my game. normally it stops but it didn’t. i think the way it happened was that i accidentally double clicked the play button really fast before it could start. so i think what happened was that it had started & stopped the game at the same time only giving it time to start the music

also it does overlap with other music when play testing making it sound bad

Maybe try refreshing, making the game again on another tab.

Yeah, this happens to me too. Pretty annoying actually.

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i did do that after it got annoying after a while

This happened to me, and when I chose another music track, it played over the original. I put another over that and it overlapped once again. The symphony grew. I think refreshing works, but it can happen randomly. I think there’s no solution till the creators fix it.

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I had 3 dif songs playing at once

That happens a lot on other websites. Also, Hydra Battle Cat! o7 to Haiasi.

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