💜 Forums Copied?

I know this is off topic and I might be flagged for posting this, but I just wanted to point out (if no one noticed) that the gimkit forums are very similar to Ribblr. For those who don’t know what Ribblr is,

Ribblr is the ultimate destination for crafters to create, sell, meet, and get inspired.

For example, the formatting. Here’s reference:

If you click your profile in the top right corner, you’ll see how similar the formatting is for the forums and Ribblr.

Looking at the image, it also brings me to another point: discobot. Ribblr also has something called ‘ribbot’ and
they also give you the ‘Greetings’ message. Here’s what it says:

I haven’t finished the tutorial, so I’m not exactly sure what’s at the end, but to put it in short, gimkit forums and Ribblr are basically the same, and except for the fact that they have different purposes. I do have more things to point out, but I don’t want to go to in depth into this in case I’m incorrect, but here are some images:

I don’t know if Gimkit forums have Ribblr credited or anything, so don’t get to mad at me… :sweat_smile:


That’s because they were made in the same platform, discourse. It’s a paid plan for your own forum.


Ohhh okay, thanks for clarifying!


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